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Video – Create Smart To-Do Lists

We all know the power of MindManager and what it has done to revolutionize mind mapping. But once one starts to move beyond simple mind mapping the power of MindManager really starts to become evident. One of the great abilities of MindManager is to create and manage to-do lists. Almost everyone makes them, but they are often so scattered that you can’t keep track. That is what MindManager is here to do and solve by creating smart to-do lists.

MindManager is powerful enough to help you visualize your entire workload and flexible enough to show the details of what needs to get done right now. Find and download this template at the new Maps for That mind map sharing community.

The following video shows you more than just making to-do lists. It will show you how to create what we call ‘smart to-do lists’. With smart to-do lists you will be able to much more than simply check off tasks you’ll be able to:

  1. Create a central repository of all your tasks
  2. Assigning due dates and resources needed
  3. Prioritizing your tasks
  4. Use filters to see what you want, when you want it.

Keep in touch with the Mindjet blog and look for more posts in this style as we help show you the power of MindManager beyond the everyday mind mapping. Get the to-d0 list template you saw in this video at Maps for That.

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