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What’s New in MindManager Version 9 for Windows: Easier PowerPoint Integration


Bridging the Gap between MindManager and Microsoft PowerPoint

In my last posting (Intro to Interactive Slides in MindManager version 9), I discussed MindManager version 9’s new interactive Slide Show capabilities which now allow you to slice and dice your maps to create individual slides.  This is an awesome new feature that will enhance your MindManager presentation experience for both you and your audience.  But we didn’t stop there with the new presentation capabilities.

Another enhanced feature within MindManager that will be extremely powerful is the new PowerPoint integration.  You can now easily export your MindManager slides as Microsoft PowerPoint slides.

While PowerPoint has incredible features to help you design individual slides, MindManager is a better place to start all of your presentation brainstorming and research. With MindManager it’s easy to see the big picture as your create your visual presentation outline. Once it’s been organized, you can define slides in MindManager and then export them directly into PowerPoint.

Once your new PowerPoint slides have been created, you can take advantage of it’s design power to add compelling visuals, info-graphics, transitions, animations, etc…  This new level of integration will allow you to work more efficiently between MindManager and PowerPoint.

MindManager Powerpoint Integration

This integration combined with the Slide Show Presentation feature truly elevates MindManager version 9 to new levels and hopefully will do the same with your productivity.

The next topic we’ll dig into will highlight our new time-line and resource planning capabilities to help you better manage your work.  Stay tuned!

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That’s all for now!  Happy mapping!

Wayne Chan

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