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Video – Get More out of Meetings

boring-meeting1In this second part (first part – to-do lists)of the four part series on how to take MindManager to a whole new level we will explore using it for meetings. However, this isn’t just taking meeting notes and staying organized. This video will show you how to use the built-in MindManager version 9 meeting template (also available on Maps for That) to make sure all of your meetings are run effectively and get the most accomplished in the time allotted.

MindManager enables you to power through meetings and helps you use time effectively, engages your audience, and gets everyone on the same page.  Using MindManager to plan and deliver your meetings, you’re able to convey your clarity of thought on to others to gain team alignment and elevate the level of dialogue with a more engaging meeting. Using MindManager ensures every meeting you have is worthwhile, effective, and successful.

After watching this video you will be able to supercharge:

  • The planning of your meetings
  • The way your meetings are run
  • The meeting follow-up.

Keep in touch with the Mindjet blog and look for more posts in this style as we help show you the power of MindManager beyond the everyday mind mapping. Get the meeting management template you saw in this video at Maps for That.

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