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What’s New in MindManager 9: Stay in Sync with Dynamic Outlook Dashboarding

Introducing our most powerful integration with Microsoft Outlook ever

Microsoft_Outlook_IconThis is the final installment in the 4-part blog series focusing on the latest and greatest enhancements to MindManager Version 9 for Windows.  In this posting we will focus on the new Microsoft Outlook task integration feature which will forever change the way you use both Outlook and MindManager.

MindManager now offers a powerful dashboard that enables you to add dynamic branches of your Outlook activities – including tasks, contacts, notes, emails and calendar items – into your map so that can have a holistic view of all the relevant Outlook items related to your map.  Gone are the days of having to flip back and forth to Outlook to view and update tasks or calendar items in disparate systems.

MindManager Outlook Dashboard

MindManager automatically syncs with Outlook to populate your map so that you can better visualize critical data within the context of your map.  It even allows you to view these items in MindManager’s integrated Gantt charts for more effective time and resource management!

MindManager Outlook Queries

Salivating yet?  Wait…there’s more!  MindManager 9 also provides powerful pre-defined and customizable queries to help you fine tune the view of your Outlook items as it relates to specific components of your project.

And since MindManager offers bi-directional integration, anytime you make changes to your tasks within your map, MindManager will automatically sync and update the same records within Outlook and vice versa!

MindManager Outlook Sync

It’s definitely something that will make the lives of project managers or anyone who uses Outlook to manage tasks, appointments and notes.  This new feature has definitely been invaluable in helping me better track and manage all of my various Outlook items as they pertain to various projects.  Hopefully you’ll get a chance to check it out as well!

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