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Map the Future with Mindjet

Hi all.  Permit me to introduce myself.  I am Carola Fellenz Thompson.   I joined Mindjet about 6 months ago as Senior Director of User Experience.   My team’s role is to define the user experience of Mindjet products and ensure they fit your needs.

I’m excited to tell you about a project that we are just kicking off called “Map the Future”.   The goal of this project is to gain a much deeper understanding of who our users are and what they do.  We want to do this so we can better support you today and provide you even better products in the future.  The project will have two phases.  First, we will be sending out a short survey.   In the second phase, we will visit a sampling of our users at their work place. What we learn will help inform our design work for future products.

This will be an opportunity for you as a member of  the Mindjet community to help shape the future of Mindjet’s products.  Stay tuned to this blog.  We will announce how you can get involved with the Map the Future project next week.

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