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MindManager Add-In Maps Personal Strengths, Builds Effective Teams

A Multi-Tool for the Times

We are experiencing an economic challenge of epic proportions.  Everyone on the planet has felt its reach.   Are we destined to be victims; or, is there something meaningful and constructive to do?   Happily, there is an exciting and achievable path to take.  The“Strengths Revolution” can help you personally excel in your life’s work and with others.  It is a fun and handy way to unlock your best talents; and, to provide a lifetime of benefit.


Historically, in tough times, a return to fundamentals can be the best strategy.   Learning about, and working to, your best strengths is very fundamental.

In his bestselling book, “First Break All The Rules”, Strengths Revolution leader Marcus Buckingham notes that businesses have been routinely managing around education and experience and under-utilizing the natural talents of employees and team members.  It is a fundamental flaw in traditional management.  Contrary to standard approaches, Gallup Corporation’s research found that:

1.      Individuals are much better at enhancing strengths than overcoming weaknesses, and

2.      The greatest leaders surround themselves with capable people; and, enable them to work to their best strengths.

In a nutshell, the process and proprietary test they devised reports back each individual’s top 5 Strengths (talents that can be put to useful purpose).  There are 34 distinctive strengths with names like “Achiever, Positivity, Communication, Connectedness, Relator, and Arranger”.  Core Clarity then recognized that these strengths (talents) are appropriately grouped into 4 major domains:

  • Strategic Thinking;
  • Relationship Building;
  • Influencing; and,
  • Striving (getting things done)

They also realized that to consistently put them to useful purpose, it is essential for individuals to first know their strengths; and then, to share those strengths with key people in their lives.

So, who are you?  What makes you tick? What are your best natural talents?  In a group environment, what natural skills do you bring?  To enable to discover them, StrengthsMapper is your program.  How you use them is up to you.


Enter StrengthsMapper!  As an engineer, business entrepreneur; and, software developer, Mike Taylor was a 30+ year student of leadership and human dynamics.   He sought the best tools and approaches for innovative and successful business practices.  That led him to eagerly become fans of both mind mapping and strengths based leadership. It was only natural to combine them in StrengthsMapper.  Here’s how it works.  Order StrengthsFinder 2.0 (about $12US); take the test, download StrengthsMapper.  Create a Personal Strengths Map (PSM)

With MindManager, using colorful fonts, graphics, photos and quotes makes the PSM come alive.  Here is an example of my enhanced PSM storyboard.pic3

This custom map helps personalize and reflect the essence of each person’s values.  Sharing it with others, as appropriate, completes the vital connection.   That is what StrengthsMapper does for individuals.  What can it do for teams?

Analyze Your Existing Team or Build a New Team

While StrengthsMapper Basic is centered on personal development, StrengthsMapper Pro is centered on teams.  This is not just about basic qualifications.  This is about team chemistry.  In working to strengths, the rewards are exponentially worth it. Whether you analyze your existing team; or experiment with a variety of team configurations, creating a Team Map visualizes what you have.

Beginning with each team members’ top 5 strengths, the analyst creates Talent Pools.  They take individual results and create a PSM for each potential member and place them in the Talent Pool.  To Analyse or Create a team, the user defines roles and responsibilities; assigns the best Strengths Domains for those roles; and, checks them against the skill sets of potential team members from the Talent Pool.


Example Team Map:  The “drag and drop” feature of StrengthsMapper makes it simple to change or add team members.  As each change is made your “Team Strengths Summary” will show how your team measures up; and, whether the team is missing any strength domain or is unbalanced.  Keep moving personnel until you have the strengths you need, where you need them.


Focusing on the Team: Now, strip off the job definition and strengths summary modules and we have the essence of the team.  This map was created from the prior map.  Blending domain colors, two blue Strategic and two yellow Relationship strengths become a green team leader with dual strong S and R domains.  Also, link common talents. Instantly visualize who are the ‘get it done’ Achievers?  Who can brainstorm?   This map is a phenomenal management tool.

What’s the Result?

According to Gallup’s evidence, managers successful at building strengths based teams experience:

  • Higher performance
  • Higher productivity
  • Better morale
  • Lower turnover

Whether enhancing your performance, or seeking an assignment, StrengthsMapper Basic and StrengthsMapper Pro are dynamic tools to help you succeed.

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