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Customer Webinar – Compete in a Challenging Economy

A price point can rise due to market conditions, or product improvements. But simply because the customer perceives more value? That just doesn’t happen.

Or does it?

In this recorded webinar you will learn how corporate consultants PerformXcellence were able to raise their price — and why customers were actually glad to pay more.

The secret? Working information mapping into virtually every aspect of the consulting business, including organizing information and key documents, resource planning, team building, and presentations.

This webinar was designed to help you get more out of mapping by revealing more ways to use it. Discover in thirty minutes how PerformExcellence is applying mapping to business situations including:

  • Help teams align strategically, by visually capturing a client’s key strengths and building on them
  • Organize large quantities of information, including key individuals, sources of capital, and other resources
  • Expose critical gaps to be addressed, as well as hidden resources that can help address them


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