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Maps for That Community gets updated


We’re proud to announce the first major update to MapsforThat, MindManager’s map-sharing community.

With our new enhancements, your search and discovery experience in the community will be even better than before with an improved layout, new map sorting features, and much more. We are eager for your feedback through the new online feedback form to ensure we continue to build out the community to better serve your information mapping needs.

People visit to discover new uses for mapping—to generate ideas, develop plans, and just get things done both personally and professionally.  Since the community debuted in August, more than 200,000 maps have been viewed, 16,000 users have registered, and more than 300 maps have been uploaded. So thank you for your continued support and interest in information mapping.

With the new enhancements, you get a better experience every time you visit:

  • Our new Gallery lets you sort by number of views, comments, downloads, ratings, or most recent views
  • A more streamlined layout makes it easier to find the map you need
  • New insight sections reveal the thinking behind each map, and what it can do for you
  • Faster performance speeds you to what you’re looking for, in less time
  • UserVoice lets you give feedback on every map you download—and lets others respond to your maps
  • Plus, we’ve made a tremendous number of under-the-hood updates

We’re particularly proud of our new UserVoice service. It lets you provide direct feedback on the site—and potentially impact the changes we incorporate. While we continue to look for ways to improve the site, there are probably other updates and changes you’d like to see, so please use this forum to let us know. After all, this community is built for you.

MapsforThat members have created and uploaded maps for everything from meeting planning and to-do lists to college application processes and how to write an article. If you have a business or personal productivity planning issue you want to solve, has the answer. Our community of brilliant information maps is guaranteed  to educate and inspire you with new ways to organize information overload.

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