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How-To: Add/Remove New Members to Catalyst Account

When we manage projects here at Mindjet we often use outside agencies to help accomplish our goals. This often times means that we need to use the power of Catalyst to collaborate and share the documents. Because access to Catalyst can be turned on and off for any user at any time it is the ideal tool for short team-based projects. Here is a quick tip video on how to add members to your Catalyst account as well as how to remove them once the project is finished.

Add New Users:

Remove Users:

  • Click the ‘Connected’ button on the bottom left then Manage Account

Manage Mindjet Catalyst Accounts

  • Select the User you want to delete then click Remove User

Delete Users From Account

And just like that you are able to dynamically add and remove users from your Mindjet Catalyst account using MindManager. This will enable you to quickly and fluidly manage your projects. Do you have any other project management tips? We’d love to hear them in the comments.

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