NEW: MindManager 2018 for Windows – major release!

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Update: Managing Projects with MindManager Just Got Easier

Introducing the New MindManager Project Jetpack


Update: After the tremendous success and popularity of the MindManager Project Jetpack, we are happy to announce that the Jetpack is now a full product that will be available in all the supported languages  Mindjet supports. Right now it is available in English, French, and German and very shortly in Japanese.

We are very proud to announce the release of the new MindManager Project Jetpack!  The MindManager Project Jetpack is a MindManager for Windows add-on that helps teams navigate and manage the project management process from start to finish.

With 19 project map templates fully integrated within MindManager, you’ll have everything you need for your project at your finger tips.

The MindManager Project Jetpack provides powerful visual templates based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) that walk you from project initiation to project closure, helping you:

  • Save time and effort
  • Boost the quality of your work
  • Help you align teams and manage projects

PM Process

As you can see in the diagram above, each of the 19 templates offered in the Project Jetpack support a critical stage within the project management process: Initiation, Planning, Execution & Control, and Closure.

Just to whet your appetite, here’s a snap shot of one of the map templates offered in the Project Jetpack.  What you see below is the Project Dashboard map template.  This fully functional map template can serve as the central tool you use on a daily basis to track and manage your project through the initialization, execution, and closure phases of your project.

Mindjet Project Jetpack

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Using the Project Jetpack’s professionally designed templates to start up, plan and execute projects quickly and easily, you can bring greater clarity and success to your projects.  Also included in the Project Jetpack is a helpful User Guide that will walk you through how to establish a project management process and explain how to use each project map template and how it fits into the process.  This PDF guide is automatically installed onto your computer and is accessible through your Windows Start Menu.

Go to the Mindjet Store if you’re interested in purchasing the MindManager Project Jetpack today.

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