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As a long-time blogger and twitter user, I know how easy it is to become overwhelmed with the volume of information that flows across social media. Its transitory nature makes organizing and storing it almost impossible. To address this, I have experimented with many tools to make twitter use more effective. To any of you MindManager users reading this blog, you are probably very social-media aware by definition, and you obviously understand the potential of information mapping to help unlock the complex web of connections that social media represents.

Now just over 60 days in to the company, I have discovered how full of surprises Mindjet is. I was recently excited to find out about the set of twitter visualization applications that Tom Evans, our Principle Architect, began releasing to the world back in November. He started with a very cool twitter organization application that allows someone to use the icons and topic notes in MindManager to organize and categorize your tweets and the tweets of others. This was followed quickly in December by a social brainstorming application that enables Twitter users to location, categorize, and save relevant tweets within the kind of brainstorming activity that MindManager is so good at.

The complete list of twitter-related apps we have released can be found here. Now these apps are still “proofs of concept”. As we decide whether to continue to build onto these apps and/or build connections to other web services (social media or not) I would really like your input. Please share with us your ideas on how we can leverage the power of MindManager in a socially-connected, Web 2.0 world. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Blaine Mathieu

Chief Products Officer

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