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Helpful tip: Create a personal dashboard

Everyone knows what a chaotic world we live in. What we think we do better than anyone else here at Mindjet is help you create order out of that chaos. The best way we know how to do that is through the creation of a personal dashboard to manage your life. In order to help all of you understand our best practices around this great use of Information Mapping we have a 30-minute webinar with our in-house map guru, Tammy Baca.

In less than 30 minutes you will learn how you can use MindManager to:

  • Set up a functional dashboard to centralize your projects and keep on task
  • Communicate key priorities and input requirements to team members
  • Develop and optimize templates for repeated use

We also have two map templates that Tammy has created that you can download from our Maps for That site:

Personal Dashboard

Product Launch Map

Recorded Webinar

Tammy Baca is Senior Program and Launch Manager at Mindjet.  Tammy has over 10 years’ experience driving programs and product launches for leading B2B organizations such as Mindjet and Autodesk. Tammy draws on her expertise in working across an organization and understanding business processes and systems to highlight key best practices for driving clear, smooth and efficient cross-functional programs and global product launches.  An avid MindManager user, Tammy uses Mindjet Solutions to implement and manage readiness and ‘go-to-market’ processes within the Mindjet organization.

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