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Bringing Power Markers to Market

Build or Buy?  It’s a fundamental question at the core of product strategies at all software companies.  In my role as VP of business development, part of my job is to represent the “buy” side of the equation.  I have evaluated scores of products and companies on how they complement our growth plans and product direction, how they meet our customer needs and ultimately whether they will return long-term value to the business.

This past January I met in London with Nick Duffill, a long-time Mindjet Development Partner, who creates integrations with MindManager and other products.  Nick has authored many add-ins for MindManager, Power Markers being the latest, and it turned out to be a great one.  We were so impressed that we bought it on the spot.

Why? Because it provides a smart, easy-to-use and complementary method to spotlight, visualize and navigate your information.  I use it all day long with my task management map to keep my list of high priority “to do” items front and center in a succinct list.  With a click of a button on my Power Markers “hot list”, I can navigate directly to a task in my regrettably large and complicated task management map.

Viewing "Hot Lists" with Power Markers inside MindManager

Viewing "Hot Lists" with Power Markers.

We think you’ll like it, too. It’s perfect for MindManager users who need to quickly tag items for easy sorting and retrieval at a later date.  It also provides a “list” view for people who also want an alternate way to visualize mapped information.  Now you can see vital tagged content at a glance, right alongside the map layout, and navigate large maps with ease.  In short, for many of you it makes MindManager an even better product.  It adds customer value which also pays returns for the company – the ultimate measure of success in my job.

Power Markers is available in in English and French language versions starting today. Look for a German language version coming soon.

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