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Great minds don’t think alike…

Today we launched our billboard campaign in the San Francisco bay area. The working title of the campaign is “Great minds don’t think alike.” The campaign celebrates the brain power that exists in each and every one of us.

From a product standpoint, it also reflects how Mindjet’s visual maps mirror the way the brain processes information.  Some of the world’s greatest creative minds like Galileo, DaVinci and Einstein have leveraged “very pre” 1.0 versions of Mindjet to visualize their thoughts.

Visual maps are also great for those who use the other side of their brain.  Former VP  Al Gore, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and best-selling time management guru David Allen are all fans.  Why? To borrow a catch phrase from Mister Allen, visual maps help you “Get things done”.

We used our product to put together a slightly more modest effort, this billboard:

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It’s the first in a series, with more thinking to come from some of the world’s greatest minds:  Buddha, Aristotle and Virgil.   Want to help us create the next billboard? Go to Mindjet’s page on Facebook and become a fan.  You can help us chose the next great phrase by clicking your favorite.

The winning saying gets a spot along the morning commute.

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