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3 Quick Tips to Get Started with MindManager Version 9 for Mac

Since MindManager 9 for Mac’s release, we’ve seen a number of new customers get into the joy of mapping on their Mac. Welcome! I thought it would be helpful to provide three quick tips for beginners who are new to MindManager.

1. Get Going!

Once you’ve installed and opened MindManager, you’ll be presented with a welcome screen:

MM9 Mac Welcome Screen

Here you’ll have the option to learn about the new features in MindManager 9 for Mac, watch video tutorials on how to use MindManager, or you can start using MindManager right away.

2. Use Pre-defined Map Templates!

If you click on “Start Using Mindjet MindManager” from the welcome screen, you’ll be presented with the Map Gallery screen that allows you to select from a number of out-of-the-box map templates including how to manage a project, write a publication, managing your to-do list, and more!

MM9 Mac Map Gallery

MindManager 9 for Mac Map Gallery

This is a quick and easy way to start mapping.  Just scroll through the various pre-defined templates to see if any of these maps suit your needs.

3. Creating from Scratch with Quick Entry Mode

For those of you who are a bit more ambitious and would like to start from a blank map but are unsure of how best to get started, a quick and easy way to is to leverage the new Quick Entry Mode.  Click on the Quick Entry icon in the toolbar:

MM9 Quick Entry Icon

This feature provides a quick and easy way for you to start creating your map without having to jump directly into map mode.  Simply start typing into the entry field and hit enter.  Your text entries are captured in the window below.  From there you can easily drag and drop your entries onto a map for better organization. 

MM9 Quick Entry Mode 

This may serve as an easier way to transition into the world of visual mapping!

For additional tips on how to get started, you can download our Quick Start Guide  which will help you go from novice to power user in no time!

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