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Survey: Mapping a Big Time Productivity Booster

MindManager users are passionate about the work they do and the tools they use to get work done.  A recent survey of 695 people by noted blogger Chuck Frey underscores why.

Last month’s survey pointed to dramatic productivity gains for those who map ideas, plans and projects. No doubt. The visual experience of a MindManager map brings ideas to life while helping to organize information and tasks so people can get more work done.

The survey also showed that single biggest value of mapping was making complex issues more easily understood -but respondents didn’t stop there with their praise:

  1. Nearly 75% of the respondents see a 20% improvement in productivity netting 8 hours – or 1 full day – over the average 40-hour week.
  2. 64.2% called mapping “significant” or “revolutionary” in changing the way they work.
  3. Over 68% said that mapping software enables them to tackle more complex tasks and projects.
  4. Over 35% said that mapping “to a big extent” helped the huge amounts of information that deluge them. 20.4% called mapping “invaluable” in this area.
  5. Most tellingly, nearly 60% said that they wouldn’t be able to produce the same quality of work without mapping software.

Need any more proof that mapping is a productivity turbo booster? There’s a lot more in the graphic and survey link below.

Mind Mapping Trends Survey Info Graphic

There’s still more in the complete survey. Click here.

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