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Cool Add-in: WikiSummarizer

Hey guys, we’ve decided that we are going to start highlighting some cool add-ins to MindManager to help you get the most out of your mapping. We’ve recently come across a cool, free add-in to MindManager and thought we should share it with you.  It’s called WikiSummarizer, and it summarizes any Wikipedia article in the form of a mind map. WikiSummarizer provides readers with essential points of an article quickly and with clarity – helping them realize key points with less effort. 

How does it work?

You first start with a topic you’d like summarized. As an example, we’ll use “mind map”. WikiSummarizer will then create a summary of the “mind map” Wikipedia article in your browser. The ensuing summary presents a quick review of the article’s major keywords, giving the reader insight into the context and meaning of the text. Further review of the extracted sentences adds to this initial detail.

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Readers then have the capability to download these summaries as either MindManager mind maps or as a Rich Text Formated document allowing it to be opened and saved in any word processor on any computer.

Each keyword in the summary is “clickable”, providing the ability to follow a train of thought from keyword to keyword.  For example, if you are looking at a summary of “mind map” and you see keywords like brainstorming, Buzan, semantic network, and you would like to get more details you just click on any of the keywords to pull up their article’s summary.

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