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Calling All Mappers

Do you use information maps to summarize books, article or blog posts?

Huffington Post blogger, Jim Lauria, uses Mindjet maps to map out his research articles, books and blogs. Jim says that mapping helps him minimize his turnaround time.

If you don’t know who Jim Lauria is, he’s the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Amiad Filtration Systems. He’s had at least five cover stories recognized worldwide and has quickly become editor’s first choice when they need a story fast.

Want to learn how Jum accomplishes this? Check out our on-demand webinar to learn tips from the man himself.

If you’re like Jim and already mapping out books, then why not share those maps on Maps For

Mapping out books, articles, blog posts, and research is a powerfuly way to let someone find important pieces of information quickly. Information map summaries make it easy for someone who knows knothing about a subject educate themselves quickly, enabeling them to jump into the conversation.

Want some cool examples of Mindjet map book summaries?

Check out the maps below and you’ll wuickly see why we think mapping out books is incredibly powerful:

  • Sun Tzu: The Art of War Summary

Art of War Summary


  • Guy Kawasaki: The Art of Enchantment – Chapter 3 “How to Achieve Trustworthiness” Summary

Guy Kawasaki Summary


  • David Rock: Your Brain at Work Summary

Your Brain At Work


So, next time you’re reading a book, map it ou and share it with others on Maps For

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