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Cohuman Features That Will Blow Your Mind

Over the past four days I’ve given you a basic overview of what Cohuman is and what it can do for you and your team.  If you missed any of the previous posts in this 5-part series, click on any of the links below (I suggest reading them in chronological order):

Today we’re going to drill into a few of the features in Cohuman that sets it apart from other task and project management tools.  So let’s open the hood and dive in!

Identifying Dependencies

Cohuman Tasks Screen

One of the most powerful features in Cohuman is the ability to create dependencies through a feature called “Blocking”.  The name is self explanatory.  It allows you to connect tasks to each other and identify if a particular task is blocking you from completing a different task. It’s really that simple.  And when you’ve identify a dependency, that task that is blocking yours is pushed higher up the priority list.  Wait…how are these priorities determined you might ask?  Keep reading and find out…

Task Scoring and Prioritization

 Cohuman Task Scoring & Prioritization

My favorite feature is Cohuman’s ability to intelligently prioritize your tasks.  Credit the brainiacs behind Cohuman who have developed a patent pending algorithm that calculates a Task Score based on a multitude of variables such as due date, attachments, priority level, number of people involved, dependencies, and more.  This score then determines where the task ranks among the other tasks you may have on your plate – most important tasks are up top so you get them done first.

Of course, you can’t always rely on technology to tell you what is and is not important.  Fortunately, Cohuman allows you to also manually move tasks up and down your list with a simple drag and drop.  And when you do this, it recalculates your task score accordingly.

Centralized Discussions

Centralized Discussions

 The last feature that I’m highlighting introduces the social aspect of Cohuman – the ability to create targeted discussion threads around specific projects and tasks.  This feature is sure to reduce your email clutter (and usage) dramatically!
At the project level, you can post a message to the entire project team – it’s like a Facebook wall for a project.  Every message is stored and viewable by anyone associated with the project.  If you want to post a message regarding a specific task within a project, you can go into the task itself and start a Comments thread.  This is especially powerful if you are late to join a project and want to get caught up really fast.  All you need to do is check the project posts for the high level messages pertaining to the entire project or view the comments for a particular task to get more granular.  Centralized discussions will improve team transparency, accountability, and ensure everyone is on the same page.
This wraps up my 5 day rant about how amazing Cohuman is.  Stay tuned for additional posts around best practices and announcements about new features!

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