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Mindjet Connect is Sweet on SharePoint!

If you’ve been excited about using Mindjet Connect to collaborate with your extended team but need to protect your key documents and info behind the firewall on SharePoint servers, you’re in luck. Today Mindjet announces Mindjet Connect SP and it has got you covered.

Here’s the good news: with Mindjet Connect SP you get the combined power and administrative controls of SharePoint and the great visual navigation and collaboration capabilities of Mindjet Connect.

With Mindjet Connect SP, you can leverage our Collaborative Work Management capabilities behind the firewall in the popular SharePoint environment. It provides a simpler way navigate SharePoint and a visual way to collaborate within SharePoint.  The numbers suggest that a lot of workers might find this useful.  Microsoft SharePoint is installed at 78% of the Fortune 500 companies with 125 million users worldwide.  The product’s success shows no signs of slowing down – growing by 20,000 users per day! Yet research suggests that a percentage of those users aren’t getting all they want out their SharePoint environment. By complementing SharePoint’s file storage, user access control, task, and calendar management capabilities we help users be more efficient and get more done. Mindjet Connect SP makes SharePoint both easier and more collaborative. Here’s how:

  • Provides a better way for individuals to manage their work by collecting and organizing all the tasks assigned to them in a single view
  • Enables simple and visual navigation of SharePoint sites and lists by creating shared visual dashboards that aggregate and display SharePoint assets
  • Leverages Mindjet’s intuitive visual framework to help people collaborate better; capture and organize ideas and information to help their teams solve problems, prioritize strategies, plan projects, and process information

To help you think about the potential benefits, here are three ways you can put Mindjet Connect SP into action.

With Mindjet Connect SP you can create a map that can be used as an embedded map part on your SharePoint site. This gives site visitors throughout your organization a quick and easy way to visually navigate to key information on that site and other SharePoint sites.  They can also view these embedded web parts or open maps in a directory with no Connect SP license required.

With Connect SP licensed users can also visually collaborate with team members by creating maps from scratch (like the embedded web part shown above) or by editing maps created by other members of their organization (who have created a map using MindManager and then posted that map to a SharePoint site).

And if you’re a MindManager user you can share all your maps with anyone inside SharePoint so all your team members can see and review your latest ideas, information and plans. No need to worry about who is licensed or who has rights. SharePoint handles all the permissions.

Plus, Mindjet Connect SP lets you search for task information inside SharePoint and then dynamically links that SharePoint information in the map – a big time savings for those of you have ever spent time trying to hunt down a task in SharePoint. Using these SharePoint task linkers you can quickly create a dashboard that shows all of the tasks that are due next week for your group or project. The queries that you can set up are very flexible and can pull in task information from any SharePoint site you can access.

In short, Mindjet Connect SP lets you get more from your SharePoint environment. Hopefully, I’ve whetted your appetite to the possibilities. Still hungry? Get more information on the Mindjet Connect SP page.

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