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Make your team’s lives easier with Cohuman

Over the first three days of this week, I’ve introduced you to Cohuman – our new social task management service – and have given you a high level tour of the service and what it is designed to do. Today, I’m going to focus on how Cohuman can help turn your team into a well oiled machine and make your work life easier!

Social Task Management

What makes Cohuman such a unique and powerful tool is that it inherently fosters a social-centric approach to communicating with others on certain tasks or projects. Additionally, users experience an interface that is similar to your favorite sites like Facebook and Twitter so getting up and running is easy and fun.

Cohuman Task Image

For example, Cohuman simplifies communications with live commenting and discussion feeds. The ability to post a comment regarding a task or project in real time creates a live stream of communications among team members and stakeholders. And when you are commenting on a particular task, your comments are posted and saved within the actual task. So, if you want to review the communication stream regarding a task, you don’t have to dig through numerous emails. You simply go to the task of interest and review the comments in chronological order.  This can also help relieve your reliance on email to communicate by reducing the clutter of unnecessary emails in your inbox.

It’s like X-Ray Vision for your Tasks and Projects

Another key to successful task and project management is the ability to offer anyone who is part of a project complete visibility and access to all related files, discussion threads, schedules, and other project information at any time. Everything is captured and stored within the task or project – complete transparency.

 Cohuman Home Screen

How often have you been pulled into a project at the 11th hour without any background information or guidance? You end up wasting time looking for information in various folders or shared drives and emailing others back and forth with simple questions to get up to speed. With Cohuman, everything you need to is at your finger tips. And if you still have a question, post it to the group within the project and you’ll start a discussion thread that is specific to that project and saved within it. Gone are the days of searching through disparate emails and silos. Cohuman breaks down these walls and creates an environment of free-flowing information easily accessible at anytime, anywhere.

The Utopia of Task Management

Imagine a work environment where everyone is on the same page and projects are humming along and finishing on time, every time. Gone are the days of miscommunication and misinterpretation. No longer do you have to waste valuable time looking for supporting files and information. Ultimately, with simplified communications and transparency of information comes better coordination and accountability between team members.

With Cohuman, you and your team can stay on top of tasks and projects. Best of all, Cohuman is an extremely intuitive and addictive tool to use so adoption should come easy.

Get Started – For Free!

Intrigued? The best part of it all is that Cohuman is completely FREE!  Simply sign up for your free account and start coordinating tasks with your teams today!

Up Next: Cohuman Features That Will Blow Your Mind

Tomorrow’s blog post, the final of a 5-par series, will focus on some of the more powerful and cool features in Cohuman. Stay tuned…

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