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Managing Your Work in Cohuman

As you know, I’ve been writing a series of posts this week to introduce you to Cohuman, the latest addition to Mindjet’s product portfolio. Yesterday I walked you through the interface and primary components of Cohuman. If you haven’t read that post, click here to get caught up. Today, we’ll be digging deeper into how information is organized and how Cohuman can help you better manage your work.

Working with Panels  

As I mentioned in my previous post, the key to Cohuman is how it dynamically organizes and manages information. This information is then presented to the user in several panels. Take a look at this video to learn more!

Get Started – For Free!

Intrigued? Try it! Cohuman is completely FREE! Simply sign up for your free account and start coordinating tasks with your teams today!

Up Next: How Cohuman Can Make Your Team’s Lives Easier

Tomorrow’s blog post, the 4th of 5 consecutive write ups, will focus on how Cohuman can help make your team’s lives easier through streamlined communications, transparency of information, and improved coordination.  Stay tuned…

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