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Want to save some time? Map it!

Today, I’d like to share 5 cool facts from Chuck Frey of the Mindmapping Software Blog, on how information mapping software saves time. We’re all so busy, that I’m sure we could all use any tips on saving time – I know I could!

  1. Faster Clarity on Key Issues – Information maps  help your brain quickly assimilate complex and interrelated pieces of information, bringing issues into focus and allowing you to reach clarity faster.
  2. Organize and Implement Projects – Information maps can be used to define project objectives, allocate resources, store information, and most  importantly–you can record and organize this faster in a map than in a linear document.
  3.  Writing – Mapping helps you sort out and organize what it is you want to write about. See our previous post on how internationally published author Jim Laura uses mapping to help out with his writing.
  4. Executive Dashboard – Information maps can save hours of time when used as an executive dashboard. Easily store links to all key documents in one; central place. Not only does this save time, but by having all this data in one location, the bigger picture is easier to see.
  5. Ad Hoc Research – Studies have shown that office workers spend lots of time searching for files and information they need to do their jobs. The frustration this causes results in a loss of productivity as time is wasted. Information maps can help workers gather, organize, analyze, and share their findings in a variety of formats, resulting in greater productivity and better employee morale.

Have other suggestions on how information mapping can help save time? Let us know!

Interested in reading more about how mapping can save time? Check out Chuck’s full article.

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