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How Do You Use Cohuman?

Dear Fellow Cohumans,

Cohuman has been hard at work adding incredibly useful features and taking the first steps toward integrating with Mindjet’s powerful visualization software.  A few of the notable things we have been working on that you should check out:

  • Percent Complete – Ever wonder how far along that task is that you assigned to your coworker? Not anymore.  Learn more
  • Drag and Drop Tasks – Want to move a task to another project or person?  Just grab it and drag it, even onto the left nav! Learn more
  • Cohuman is Zippy – Despite our growing user base we have actually sped up the entire site.  Feels good.

Coming later this month:

  • More languages supported with German and Japanese translations
  • Export Topics and Subtopics from Mindjet Connect to Cohuman
  • Get the latest Cohuman news and more on the Mindjet Blog!

We Need Your Help!!!

As we move forward improving our product we would love to have more input from our users on how we can make your work lives easier.  If you have a moment we would love to get your feedback here:

Happy Holidays and thanks for using Cohuman!

-The Cohuman Team

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