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Email is overrated

Email has become the standard for project communication. Emails are sent signaling that certain tasks have been completed, notifying team members that new issues have developed and to communicate important information.

With all these emails filling up our inboxes, they’ve quickly become more of an nusiance more than anything else. Instead of email helping you stay on task, you usually end up wasting time searching for that one important project status email amongst the sea of others inside your inbox. If emails are actually counterproductive, then how can I organize my team, stay on task and communicate productively?

The answer is simple: Social task management software.

Staying on Top of Project Tasks
With social task management software, tasks don’t get forgotten or lost. We all know that email is chronological. So, if someone sends you an important email is it still visible in your inbox a week later? How do remember to get back to it? Social task management software, like Cohuman, allows you to capture those high priority emails and tasks in a way that they won’t slip through the cracks.

Centralized Conversation
 Managing projects in email inevitably creates long threads with people interjecting valuable in each email. Often times side conversations are created with content you want to capture and add to the project conversation. In most social task management software, all conversations happen on the task, allowing conversations to be concise while never losing critical information.

No dead air
Have you ever sent a critical email just to be left hanging with no response? Because most social task management systems are designed to be transparent, when you send a task to someone else you know if and when they have looked at that task.

No need for status reports
As you work on a task, adding attachments, comments, or using the percent complete feature, all interested parties are being updated automatically through the recent activity feed. You don’t have to stop your workflow to give them a status report because they already know.

Greater Project Visibility
With social task management software you’re able to see what is going on within your project. Who did what, and when it was accomplished. Have you ever realized a project is way behind schedule and you don’t know where it went wrong? Tools like, Cohuman create an automatic record of people’s activity, so if a project gets behind schedule you know who dropped the ball. However, if you are using social project management software, it is more likely you’ll see the opposite. You will know who to thank for getting that project done on time!

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