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Getting the Most out of MindManager Analysis View

It’s become clear to us that all you Mind Manager 2012 users have been very interested in using the new Analysis View feature. This feature allows you to take topics from your map and move them in relation to each other in a two dimensional matrix (such as a SWOT analysis, or BCG growth vs. market share analysis). We wanted to let you know that unfortunately there is an issue with the Analysis View button that causes it to become disabled (you click on the button, and nothing happens). Based on user feedback, Mindjet engineers were able to track down this issue, and there will be a service release early next year that fixes this issue. In the meantime, we wanted to share a documented work around to avoid this issue.

The Analysis view button is disabled when: 

  1. You start MindManager and open a map
  2. You do not use the Analysis View button
  3. You close that map
  4. When you open a new map, and for every map after that, the Analysis View button will not work

To re-enable the Analysis view button

  1. Shut down MindManager 2012
  2. Restart it and open a map
  3. Start using Analysis View in that map
  4. Analysis View will work, and it will work for any subsequent map you open in that session of MindManager

So the short answer is, always restart MindManager when you are going to use Analysis View, and then make sure you use Analysis View in the first map you open. This way you will be able to use it throughout your MindManager session.

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