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Integrating vision with action into “the new work suite”.

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with noted blogger Robert Scoble to talk about all the great things that are going on here at Mindjet. I was particularly excited to show him how we are integrating Mindjet with Cohuman to help individuals and teams move from, as Jascha pointed out in his recent post, “getting things done to getting things done right.”

Over the course of our nearly one hour conversation I got to share with Robert how we are helping people deal with the very real issue of managing their day-to-day work life. As he put it in his weekend post, Mindjet is bringing “together socially-driven tasks and ideas into the new work suite.”

I couldn’t agree more. With this, every worker will have a better vision of what needs to get done and an immediate and simple way to enact and follow those plans through to completion.

To find out how, click on Robert’s video where we discuss the “new work suite” and what that means to the future of collaboration.

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