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Welcome to Conspire, the new Mindjet Blog

Today, we are proud to unveil Conspire, the new Mindjet Blog, a news and opinion magazine. With Conspire we hope to provide vision and insight into  our passions at Mindjet, namely promoting Agile business practices, discussing the visualization of information, and exploring how teams get more work done through collaborative work management. Of course, we’ll also spotlight Mindjet news, products and information along the way.

The way we work has changed, so we’ve expanded the content of our blog to reflect the current work-scape. The speed that we work continues to accelerate, while at the same time, we get more information in more forms each day. Plus our teams are more dispersed – often working virtually while on the road or in offices and homes from around the world.

Mindjet has changed, too. With MindManager, we’ve set the global standard for mind mapping solutions. Today we are building upon the foundation to create collaborative work management products that enable teams to see more clearly and act more quickly.

Conspire reflects this new direction and is designed for professionals who want to create, experiment, see things differently, do more, do it well and  more quickly. Our goal is to create a valuable destination that you will want to bookmark and come back to again and again. Only by presenting relevant info to you in a meaningful way will Conspire be successful. Look for outstanding content and original ideas.  Expect to see  the best thinking on the Web, including interviews, commentary, infographics, videos, lists of best practices, case studies and slideware presentations. We hope you will visit often, comment, applaud, disagree, offer your insights, contribute different points of view and keep us true to our purpose:

“We are passionate about how visualization of information can drive a more collaborative and agile business. The new blog is for professionals who share this passion and are looking for a place to be informed, comment and discuss. Our aim is to present new ideas, great thinking and the latest tools that inspire discussion, creativity and action.  Join us.”

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