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What are the Benefits of Visual Communication?

Visual messages surround us every day. We consider photographs that we want to display, we design visual aides to accompany our presentations at work just to name a few.  Even though verbal communication (communicating through language) is often viewed as a more important or more central mode of communication, visual communication has many benefits and advantages in both personal and professional situations.

What Are The Benefits?
In an article by Christine Switzer from, she outlines three main benefits from visual communication:

One of the primary benefits from visual communication over verbal is immediacy. Think back to the last time you tried to explain something complex to a friend, coworker, family member, more often than not in these situations you spend long periods of time making sure your audience understands what it is you’re explaining. Now, contrast that experience with looking at a chart explaining the sales for a specific product, you can show that information almost instantaneously. Visual Communication can bring a thing, location and even and idea to life in dynamic ways.

Another advantage is simplicity. Often visual communication can simplify the information of ideas that you are seeking to pass on to others. For example, architects use visual diagrams and schematics to pass on valuable information to contractors in a quick, easy to understand manner. Visual communication can also demonstrate the relationship between two entities or ideas in accessible ways.

Visual communication can also be more flexible in many ways than verbal communication. Visual communication not only bridges geographic distances, it can span cultural references. If you are looking to appeal to a broad demographic audience, such as a television or cable audience, visual images may allow you to reach more people with your message. Appealing visual images will often be more persuasive than verbal pitches.

Next time you are trying to convey large, complex information to a group of people think about the advantages of doing so visually. This way you will be certain that your audience will leave with a solid understanding of what you’re trying to convey. Also, you will be saved from frustration when you’re forced to repeat yourself to make you point better understood.

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