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January Mappies Announced!

Now that we’ve all had a few weeks to get settled back into our routines after the holidays, we wanted to announce this month’s mappie winner. If you could use help organizing and keeping track of your daily to-dos (and honestly who doesn’t) then you’ll really love this winning map!

So without further ado, the January Mappie winner is…. Matt Tanguay! Congratulations, Matt!Everyone could probably use some help organizing and reviewing their to-dos and Matt’s winning map is the perfect helper! From keeping track of your daily tasks to thinking about what your 5 -10 year goals are, Matt’s map is great in helping you keep track of them all.

We briefly spoke with Matt to learn a little bit about the person behind the map.

Q: Where are you from?
A: Originally from Quebec City, Canada. I now live in (slightly warmer but still a long way from California) Montreal.

Q: What do you do?
I am Fluent Brain’s CEO and Chief Visual Facilitator.

Q: How do you use MindManager?  
I capture and organize most of the information regarding Fluent Brain in mind maps using MindManager. For example, I use MindManager to help me with:

  •  Creating the outline for blog posts
  •  Note-taking during sessions with my coach
  •  Planning my daily to-dos
  •  Managing my projects’ next steps
  •  Offering visual support to our mastermind group calls
  • Creating mind map summaries of information products
  • Visually facilitating each client session

Q: Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
A: “Cool”, “Awesome” and “Outstanding!” 🙂

Q: What is your favorite occupation?
A: I am fortunate enough (or crazy enough) to do what I really want: running my own business and helping other business leaders develop their ideas better and faster. Also, playing the piano is a passion for me. I would have enjoyed a career as a professional pianist.

Q: What is your life motto?
A: I am responsible for what I manifest in my life.

Q: How does it feel to win a Mappie?
A: Outstanding! 😉

The Mappies are Maps For That!’s monthly award. Submissions for the next month are accepted until the 15th of the current month. Any submissions after the 15th are automatically entered into consideration for the following month. To learn more visit Maps For

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