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New Cohuman features to help you work more efficiently

What makes Cohuman such a powerful productivity tool is its ease of use.  We continually strive to push the usability envelope in hopes of making fellow Cohumans even more efficient in the way they work.  So we’re happy to announce three great new features that will definitely help you be more productive.

Drag and Drop Panels

When we rolled out the drag and drop tasks into different project panels feature, we heard a ton of positive feedback from our fellow Cohumans on how that helped them save time and work more efficiently.  One thing our customers have been asking for is an easy way to move panels around the screen.  Now you can shuffle your panels in any order you want with a simple drag and drop so you always have the most important information right where you want it.

Delete Tasks Button

Previously, if you had accidentally created a task and wanted to delete it the only real option was to Archive the task which would move it out of your Active list, but it didn’t really delete it.  We’ve added a new Delete button in the More Actions drop down button to take care of that issue.

Now you can completely delete a task from Cohuman.  Be careful though, once you delete a task there’s no turning back!

Email Notification – Tasks Due Today

We’ve included a new email notification that will hopefully help you keep better track of what tasks are coming due.  Under the Settings panel, you can select the option to be notified on tasks that are due each day.  This can come in handy in case you are juggling a huge number of tasks and need to know what is due each day.  Now you’ll never be late on another task again!

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