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How to Successfully Implement Agile

As we officially usher in the New Year, I’m sure you have a bunch of resolutions you want to get started on. For those who’ve decided now is the right time to make the switch to an Agile management method, this post should help you out. As we all know incorrect implantation of Agile is one the leading causes of failure. To help you start 2012 off on the right foot, I’ve pulled out several good suggestions from a post outlining several tips on successfully easing teams into Agile.

1. Acknowledge the paradigm shift

Switching to Agile can be very difficult for teams, especially because the rate in which deliverables are expected will increase. In light of this be patient, give the process time to be fully absorbed by others and in true Agile fashion be prepared to alter your methods on an ongoing basis.

2. Remember to stay customer focused

Remember that everything you do as a marketer has to be done with the customer in mind. Try your best to not lose sight of your target audience at any point in time as you are implementing agile methods.

3. Be a coach to your team

Remember that Agile is still a relatively new approach. Some team members will need time to get use to the new pace and increased autonomy. Identity people who are the most enthusiastic, flexible and communication, and allow them to be spokesmen for your approach.

 4. Plan small iterations

Agile is based on short iterations. Make sure your sprints are small enough to allow you to figure out what is working and what isn’t so that you can change course if needed. This said, you want to make sure that these same sprints are long enough to provide you with sufficient data to measure your progress too.

5. Foster communication

Agile works best when team members communicate frequently and directly. Try holding daily stand-up meetings (time boxed meetings – to learn more about these check out our previous post), in which each team member answers the following questions: What did I do yesterday? What am I going to do today? Are there any red flags?

6. Inspect and adjust

Agile marketing is extremely metrics-driven. It’s critical to track and measure as much as you can. After each sprint, meet as a team and discuss what worked, what didn’t work, and what to do next.

To see the full post with even more great suggestions, click here.

Your Turn

Have you tried to implement Agile methods? What are some pieces of advice that you find helpful?


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