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A New Release of Mindjet Connect is Upon Us!

Introducing Connect Vision and Action!

If you recall, in December 2011 we rolled out a powerful new feature in Mindjet Connect called “Send to Cohuman”. It allowed you to send topics in a map into Cohuman, our social task management tool, as actionable tasks. That was really our first step in our ongoing promise to deliver the only collaborative work management solution that can bridge the gap between the creative and collaborative process of developing a plan and the actual execution of that plan.

Today, we are very proud to announce a big step towards that promise with the latest release of Mindjet Connect. This release brings both Connect and Cohuman together under the same brand name. Connect is known as Connect Vision and Cohuman is rebranded as Connect Action. However, there won’t actually be any integration between the two applications just yet.

Our plan is to continue to bring Connect Vision and Connect Action closer together in subsequent releases – with the ultimate goal of creating a single, seamless, collaborative work management solution.

If you want the release notes, you can access them here in our Support section.

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