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Don’t Be Burdened By Consensus

Ever been working on a collaborative project with multiple constituencies? How do you make everyone involved happy in such collaborative projects?

Well today I wanted to share a little piece of advice courtesy of Scott Belsky and Fast Company.

Belsky believes that teams need to pick out one or two sacred items – elements of the project that are going to make it extraordinary and be willing to say “I’m willing to compromise on pretty much everything, but these are the one or two things that I hold dear and here’s why.” I believe this is probably one of the most important aspects of building a successful collaborative relationship. At some point it’s important to let others know what you are willing and unwilling to compromise on. This allows all involved to have an understanding of where each other is coming from and enables all to get to work with that in mind. This way, as Belsky states, teams are not “burdened by consensus” when working on large collaborative projects.

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