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What’s Behind Mindjet’s New Website

Hello, Mindjet community!

I’m happy to announce that our new website has just launched today at Today’s launch is in English with German  and French versions coming soon!

Along with the new, digest-style blog, this change marks an evolution of our company brand. Let me tell you why I think that’s important—not just for my company—but for how you work…and how your mind works.

Connecting an Idea to Action

Mindjet’s new website reinforces how our work has evolved to meet a collaborative model of work management.

Everything on the new site fits into an architecture built for easier understanding and clearer navigation.

The design style reflects the superior usability of Mindjet products (like MindManager and Mindjet Connect SP), with a focus—not on how many SKUs we have—but on resources, support, and inspiration instead.

Our new website visually represents the business goal of getting everyone on the same page from start to finish.  There’s a plan for organization and a path for action: the intersection of all colors of the visual spectrum.

Welcome to the MarketITing Team

Marketing and IT are converging into one critical department that deals in strategy, business, data, and interpretation. (For more on this you can read Blaine Mathieu’s post “Marketing and IT—Joining Vision and Action,” including a link to new Forrester Research.)

As Blaine says, marketing is becoming more digital, and IT is becoming less concerned with core systems and more concerned with business drivers. People consider marketers to be more visionary, where IT is all about getting the work done.

To me, these two sides are at the heart of Mindjet’s future.

Left-Brain, Right-Brain Division

Left, right, left, right: It’s how we move forward, creative thought and reasonable action. There’s an energy and pendulum swing between the two sides which requires different approaches to find success.

And though it may be a simplified version of neurobiology, we still tend to think of “left-brain” and “right-brain” people. The reasonable and rational left brain. The independent and visionary right brain. The left brain wants to do something. The right brain wants to dream big.

It’s not that simple.

More, Better, Faster

Mindjet has changed because work has changed. Things move faster. With more channels for communication we have more to do.

Information changes hands 24 hours a day: quickly, easily and, sometimes, overwhelmingly. What’s the big need? For you and your fellow employees to be able to understand and communicate what’s going on you need to see the big picture.

Whole-Brain Goodness

At Mindjet, we know the magic happens when action and vision come together, when ideas become action, and action never loses sight of the plan.

We hope our new look says that to you.  And we also hope our products will bear that unity out for your business in 2012 and beyond.

Take a look at the new site and tell me what you think below.  Also check out our new video!

Mindjet: Turn Your Ideas Into Action from Mindjet on Vimeo.

Special thanks to:

Website design and development: The Brigade

Video art direction and product: Epipheo Studios

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