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Cool New Features in Connect Action!

I’m excited to tell you about two new features that will surely help you save time when managing your work in Mindjet Connect.

Improved File Attaching

We’ve greatly improved the attaching capabilities within Connect Action to make it easier and faster to attach files to your tasks.

Attaching Multiple Files – Previously in Connect Action, if you wanted to attach multiple files to a task, you would have to attach each file one by one, which could be time consuming if you had multiple files.
Now you can attach multiple files at the same time…what a huge time saver! You simply hold down the “Ctrl” key (Cmd key on a Mac) and select each file you want to attach, similar to how you attach files to emails.

Drag and Drop Attachments – Another cool feature around attachments is drag and drop! Whether you’re trying to attach a single file or multiple files, you can simply drag the files from your folder directly into the attachment field of your task.

Custom Project Templates

How many times have you completed a project in Connect Action only to have to replicate the project structure at a later time? If you did, you know how tedious that can be. You would have to invite the same followers, reattach certain files, and basically recreate the workflow of the project from scratch.

To streamline that process, we’ve added a custom template feature that lets you not only turn an existing project into a template, but also select specific parts of the project you want to reuse (i.e. tasks related to a recurring project) and establish them as components of a template.

For example, your HR department probably follows the same general process when recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new candidates. If they managed the process and work in Connect Action, they could create a template with all the relevant tasks associated with this process.

Remember, it’s all about being productive and working efficiently. If the tools you rely on don’t help you achieve these goals, than that’s a serious problem. Our objective with Connect is to help you work better, faster, and smarter. If you haven’t already done so, check out Mindjet Connect to learn more. It’s a breeze to sign up and doesn’t cost you a dime. And once you do, you can start taking advantage of cool features like these that are designed to help you flat out get work done.

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