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Online mapping, file storage, and social task management – At no cost to you!

If you’re a MindManager user, you definitely want to read this post. Why you might ask? Wouldn’t you love the ability to store and access your maps whenever and wherever you are? What about the ability share your maps with anyone – regardless of whether they own a Mindjet product or not?

Got MindManager 2012?  Then you also have Mindjet Connect!

What if I told you that you actually have this functionality already integrated into your MindManager 2012 application? That’s right, as long as you’re connected to the Internet, you can have instant access to your complimentary Mindjet Connect account without having to leave MindManager.

Mindjet Connect allows you to take your maps to the cloud…store them online (2GB of storage capacity), access them from virtually any internet connected device, and share them with others. All you need is to create an account and you can start leveraging Mindjet Connect right away.

There’s more… Mindjet Connect also allows you to collaborate with your colleagues. You can all jump in the same map and start co-editing at the same time. It’s a great way to drive update and status meetings or manage a virtual brainstorming session.

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Turn your ideas into action

Last but certainly not the least, is Connect’s ability to take your ideas and plans that you created in a map, and turn them into action items within a unique and social interface that makes doing work with your colleagues’ fun. That’s right…I just used the words “work” and “fun” in the same sentence!

Let’s say you just completed a requirements gathering session for a new website project. You’ve completed your plan and have action items for each of your colleagues. Next, you can simply hit the “Send to Action” button and those topics that you selected will be transformed into tasks in Mindjet Connect Action, where you can delegate, track, and manage various tasks across projects in a social and dynamic fashion.

Now you can truly take your ideas and drive them to completion – seamlessly on the same platform. This is the essence of productivity and true process efficiency, and this is what you get with Mindjet Connect.

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