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Visualizing Our Humanity

Lately you’ve heard me talk a lot about the power of visualization. Fair enough. I think I talk so much about visualization because I am honestly really amazed with what you can do with data. I mean, we produce so much data in our daily lives that you can draft up some pretty cool graphics. Prior to my time here at Mindjet, I had little exposure to visual frameworks as a means to express information (sure we all have used PowerPoint, but that was really about it for me). Yes, you could say I was a bit visually illiterate prior to time here. So, I set out with a goal to educate myself and see if organizing work, data, anything really in a visual manner is better than the traditional format.

In researching visual tools, processes etc… I came across a cool video from Ted that exemplifies my point. In this Ted Talk video, featuring Aaron Koblin, there are some pretty visualizations that are based on all this daily information we unknowingly create. Koblin mentions that much of the daily data  we create we actually end up using in decision making. He goes on to discuss how he belies that modern technology can make us all human. What I found particularly interesting in this Ted Talk, was his ability to take something that would otherwise be extremely overwhelming and, instead distill it in several visualizations making it much more digestible.

From collaborative projects, to data analysis, Koblin creates uses technology to create some inspiring images.  I think that this is the embodiment of the power that visually organizing and presenting data. So, check out this video and let me know if you too think that it’s pretty amazing what you can do with all this data in existence.


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