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Get Your Pages Straight!

In case you haven’t heard the buzz or checked your Facebook page today, you’ll be surprised to notice that all have been switched to timeline whether you like it or not. Regardless if you are a fan or not, it’s here. Today, I wanted to share some best practices for those who are trying to figure out how best to optimize their pages for timeline.

Below are some good tips courtesy of Beth Kanter’s post on

New format, means new strategy

I’m sure as you’re reading this, you’re giving me the “duh” face but this is important. Timeline is a whole new overhaul, so understanding how it will impact your brand is worth investing some time and learning. For example, Kanter points out that according to a timeline study there is a longer fixation on personal information. “On average, viewers spent 2.2 seconds on the personal information box in Timeline, a 0.6 seconds increase from the old layout.” Additionally, you’ll want to nail down an engaging cover picture, as it’ll be the first thing people see.

Educate yourself, fool

Just like Mr. T. pitted the fool who didn’t stay in school, taking some time and learning about the changes is  a good idea. If you haven’t yet, check out Facebook’s documentation on the changes made in Timeline. If you haven’t played around with Timeline yet, you want to come out of the gates strong. Remember any changes you make will be live. So, don’t be a fool; learn about your options.

Tabs are a thing of the past

No more mandatory “Like” us tabs. Now everyone can enter and see a page without having to like it. You’ll notice that tabs are taking a backseat with this new layout. For example, with Timeline you are only allowed to display a maximum of 4 tabs. This means rethinking your page’s tab strategy and pulling out only the most important ones.

Get your time right

Because the entire page’s history is more accessible to visitors, it’s important to make sure you’re taking advantage of it. For example, you may want to go back and incorporate important milestones in your pages. Livestrong’s Facebook page is a great example.

Improved admin panel

Facebook insights has been revamped. Now they offer a nice admin dashboard atop of your page. This allows you to easily see metrics and fan activity. They’ve also made it easier to see how well your posts are resonating with your fans. So if you aren’t tracking results on your page yet, you’d better get moving.

How are you managing with Timeline? Like it, don’t? Let me know in the comments.

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