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South by Southwest Day 1: Thoughts

Today, marked my fist day at the legendary South by Southwest conference. For those who are a little unfamiliar, South by Southwest in brief is the conference that covers everything awesome: technology, music and film it’s a pretty crazy scene. Despite it being a bit chilly and extremely damp, it didn’t dampen the mood one bit!

Having only heard about South by Southwest from the “How to Survive SXSW blogs…” and tweets of various famous bloggers, I really had no clue what to expect. All I can say is that it is pretty surreal. From the crazy volume of people to the actual physical size that the conference encompasses, it’s something that is out-of-sight. Where else can you in the same day go from listening to panels by Gartner on social media adoption to hanging out in western themed houses with Google employees to hearing Jay-Z in concert.

Tonight, I’d like to share a few thoughts of what I hope to learn over the next few days.

With all the talk today about data visualization, it’s no surprise that there are tons of data visualization talks scheduled for the next couple days. Because one of our goals is to share all the awesome data visualization tips and tricks we pick up along the way, I am very excited to check out and see what these experts have to say and hopefully pick up several trips that I can share with everyone.

Additionally, because SXSW is so social media focused I also am also really excited about the prospect of picking up and sharing some tips with everyone as well.

And then, of course there are all the great stories, memories and new friends to be had. So, stay tuned as I’ll be updating Conspire all about the happenings underway here at South by Southwest over the next five days.

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