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Rackspace buys Google+, Circle Goes to Square

San Antonio, TX – In a strange and amusing turn of events managed hosting company, Rackspace, announced today that it has made a deal to acquire Google+, Google’s aspirational social network. While the specifics of the deal have not been released, Rackspace stated its plans to change the network’s name to Scoble+ and install it as the corporate pundit’s personal social platform.

A Rackspace spokesman stated, “The newly rebranded network promises be bigger and better than ever.  With Scoble now included in an unprecedented 1,041,093 circles we see tremendous upside potential by extending his personal brand across the entire network.”

Ironically, as part of the deal, Rackspace announced that the company intends on doing a complete restructuring of the Google+ interface, notably removing Google+’s trademark Circles and replacing them with Squares.  Expectantly, Scoble will be installed as Scoble+’s permanent center square.

Why squares? According to Scoble, “Circles just didn’t make a whole lot of sense plus they’re just not very edgy.  And with Squares you can place multiple people in your corner.”

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