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Are you “The Closer”?

Collaborating with co-workers on team projects has become a daily occurrence. A 2008 BuesinessWeek study found that 82% responded that they “needed to partner with others throughout the day to get their work done.” While collaboration is important, it’s messy. Managing lots of different projects each with different team members can be exhausting. How often do you find yourself wanting to know the overall project progress, or who is your high performer?

With today’s fast-paced business environment, transparency and communication have become essential for team success. What separates the great teams from the rest really boils down to communication. With strong communication comes increased transparency. As team members develop a better idea of project status, they are better equipped to step in and offer assistance. This means less missed dates, and a stronger overall finished product.

Today, we are proud to say that our newest feature to Mindjet Connect Action helps teams manage the project mess. Now you’ll be able to instantly know overall project status with on-demand project reports!

By simply clicking the Report button, and entering the period you want the report to cover, you’ll instantly be served up with a project progress report.

No more guess work. With this report you not only know overall project progress, but it highlights who your top performer is.

Here is a report I just created and sent out to the Mindjet blog team using the new report feature. The report summary graphic at the top shows a detailed listing of the completed, remaining and overdue tasks. At the bottom of the report you are provided some project highlights. The highlights quickly show off some key statistics like your most productive team member, who has the most open tasks, and which task has the most conversation.

To help explain your message across you can add comments and analysis to the report, add email addresses of people outside the project, or choose to only email it to those team members directly involved in the project.

This Mindjet Connect Action update brings teams closer than ever before. Now teams will be better informed and can see real-time how well their plans are being executed. We understand that clearly showing the status of a project, without a big investment of time, is a key contribution of Mindjet Connect. Making sure that your whole team, including management and outside vendors, has access to the latest project information in a clear and concise format is a tough problem to solve. Mindjet Connect Action offers best in class project status performance and Mindjet is committed to continually improve upon this over time. Our goal is to make it easier and less time consuming for you to give project status reports, giving you more time to see those plans through to completion.

How do you currently product project status reports in your organization? What can we do to help? Share your comments with us on our community and join in the conversation.

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