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New Offerings Reflect Mindjet’s Evolving Customer

At Mindjet we’ve built our business working with customers who understand the benefits a visual approach, to organizing ideas and information, brings to key business processes. And, because those key processes require effective collaboration to ensure success, we’ve extended our portfolio to include both cloud-based (Mindjet Connect) and on-premise (Mindjet Connect SP) collaboration software, along with mobile integration.

As our products have evolved, so have the ways our customers use Mindjet to be more creative, more strategic, more thorough, and more productive. Uses have expanded from defining and managing small projects to coordinating complex projects across extended teams.  Brainstorming exercises and requirements definition have naturally evolved into enterprise strategy sessions and product design and launch plans.

New releases of Mindjet Connect and Mindjet Connect SP take our support even farther by incorporating collaborative task management to fully enable the complete process from concept to execution, from vision to action. Now customers can use Mindjet maps to gain alignment on plans and action items and then manage those action items across their teams, all within the same interface.

Because more customers are looking to Mindjet to help them effectively get work done across larger teams and departments, we’re announcing Mindjet for Enterprise , a complete set of Mindjet products and services designed to meet the needs of organizations that need to collaborate, coordinate, communicate, and track the activities of multiple teams, as well as external partners.

With Mindjet for Enterprise, customers have the best of both worlds. With Mindjet Connect SP they can get the most out of their Microsoft SharePoint investment for internal collaboration. And, with Mindjet Connect, they can communicate and collaborate with external partners, consultants, and service providers in the cloud. Mindjet for Enterprise also includes Mindjet’s legendary MindManager desktop software, implementation services, training, and customization of a Mindjet Solution (for Sales, Marketing, IT, HR or Consulting/Pro Services teams), along with a Premium Support and Service Package.

For customers who want the speed and flexibility of a SaaS – offering, Mindjet announces Mindjet for Teams, which combines Mindjet Connect Business and MindManager, along with Solution templates and guides, to facilitate smart idea generation, work management and execution – anywhere, anytime. It empowers departments and teams to capture, organize and share information and then track their initiatives through completion.

Mindjet for Individuals is everything you’ve come to expect from the world’s leading information mapping company. It contains MindManager, the industry standard in visualization software along with robust project planning capabilities that turns your brainstorming into action plans. With Mindjet for Individuals users can organize ideas, plan projects and map tasks and timelines. By linking to Mindjet Connect Basic, the free version of our cloud-based collaboration product, individuals can also share their work with anyone.

Of course, customers can continue to purchase Mindjet products individually and in whatever combination makes the most sense for their organizations.

All the new offerings are available on a subscription basis.

At Mindjet, there’s an offering to meet your needs.  To find out how Mindjet can help teams and departments get more done go to  or call Mindjet sales at 1-877-646-3538 to get started.

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