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Note Taking Made Easy with Mindjet for Android

Note taking can be such a pain. Take them by hand, and you may need up needing a cryptographer to help you decipher them. Take them electronically, and struggle to keep up with the conversation. Recently, it’s come to our attention that a lot of you are using Mindjet for Android for your notes, which is great! In addition to its core mindmapping/brainstorming strengths, Mindjet for Android can readily be set up for effective note taking. The most immediate advantage for using Mindjet for Android in this fashion is that you eliminate the boresome need to transcribe your notes (handwritten or typed) into a more coherent, actionable form–your notes are already in an environment from which they can readily be refined and restructured, and shared.

Note Taking Tips With Mindjet for Android

When you create a new map, double tap anywhere on the screen to display the toolbar, then tap on the crescent wrench icon  for Options. From this menu, you can start to optimize the app for note taking.

First, tap on the Quick Toolbar icon Quick Toolbar icon –this will expose the Quick Toolbar , which gives you persistent access to the Gesture Panel (more on this in a bit), Delete, and Add Subtopic.

Next, double tap on whitespace within the app to display the toolbar again. Beneath the Quick Toolbar icon is the Double Tap Action feature –you tap on this to cycle through 3 key functions:

  • Insert Topic
  • Insert Subtopic
  • and Edit Topic Text

All of which can then be accessed via double-tapping on a selected topic.

Having the Quick Toolbar menu exposed, along with the Double Tap action, puts the app in the optimal state to input notes on the fly in a meeting, class, or brainstorming session.

About the aforementioned Gesture Panel

This is one of the more distinctive features of Mindjet Android. (It has a bit of a learning curve, but for users keen on digging deeper, it’s worthwhile.) Tap on it within the Quick Toolbar to expand, then tap on the Help text: you’ll get a glossary of features and their corresponding gestures . This enables you to use a kind of gestural shorthand to access most all the app’s features with just a stroke or two.

Taken as a whole, these tips should help augment the ways you can put to Mindjet for  Android to good use. And keep an eye out for our upcoming 2.0 release, which will feature 2-way integration with Mindjet Connect.

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