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What a Public Facebook Means for a Social Business

Sooooooo…Facebook went public today. Whoopie.

Chances are you’re already sick of hearing about it so I’ll make this quick. For the socially-enabled businesses, this move means business (a.k.a. it just. got. serious.).

Social Business

A number of experts have been saying this for some time now, but the unprecedented brouhaha around Lord Zuck’s initial public offering more broadly supports the notion that the gap between business and social business is quickly closing.

Still doubtful? Create a list of the things you and your friends use Facebook for, the things your children use Facebook for, and the things your parents use Facebook for. I assure you, so long as you’re being completely honest, that list is going to be pret-ty long. In Steven Johnson’s words: “Facebook is on the cusp of becoming a medium unto itself—more akin to television as a whole than a single network, and more like the entire web than just one online destination.”

Despite its rocky start, this trend continues to translate over to the world of business with increasing zeal. Today more and more organizations are either using or at least considering networking-based solutions in order to improve internal communications and engage with customers. And while there’s never been any indication that Facebook intends to branch off of the consumer path with enterprise solutions, this morning’s events will certainly serve to increase that awareness and interest in the institution of connection.

Already onboard? Let’s continue the conversation in the comments below. Tell me what is and isn’t working for you in socially-enabled business land. We’re still just at the beginning stages of this movement and the better we understand it now, the better the solutions will be down the road.

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