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Mindjet Connect SP Integrates Ideas and Actions inside SharePoint

Today we announce the latest Mindjet Connect release, Version 3.0. Now available for download, it’s all about the Enterprise and , enhances and extends the Enterprise use of Microsoft SharePoint. Working with your colleagues is easier and more efficient than ever with tighter integrations with SharePoint tasks and the SharePoint directory.

With Connect SP version 3.0, we’ve closed the gap between plans that are created in Connect SP, and actionable tasks that are created and assigned in SharePoint.

Bridging the Gap

Connect SP Tasks

Mindjet Connect SP 3.0 introduces the ability to Send Tasks from a map directly to SharePoint. This means users will now have the ability to create a topic inside of a map, assign resources to it, prioritize it, add a start and end date, and have that topic sent directly to SharePoint as a newly created task. The topic and task are bi-directionally linked, meaning changes – no matter where they’re made – are automatically reflected in both the map and in SharePoint. Inside Mindjet Connect SP, the corresponding task is accessible by simply clicking the hyperlink attached to the topic.

Connet SP Create Tasks

Other integration features in version 3.0 focus around this new “Send Tasks” capability as well. For example, Connect SP is now integrated with the SharePoint directory. When assigning resources to a topic, you can easily select them from a directory rather than typing in a name. SharePoint tasks can also contain additional information than what is supported in Connect SP. This additional data will be displayed in a new Topic Properties pane in your information map (located just under the Task Info pane).

Connect SP Task Priority Pane

Connect SP 3.0 also has the ability to support a true “secure save”.  This means that SharePoint Task information displayed in a map is made compliant with your SharePoint security settings.  Now, if a user does not have access to view certain information that shows up in a map (like topics linked to tasks), that information will not be visible to them.

Connect SP Secure Save

And there’s more!

Connect SP Template Library

We’ve also created a template library for our SharePoint customers. Connect SP 3.0 will ship with a series of standard templates that will be available when you create a new map. More importantly, customers will be able to upload company branded templates for each site collection, making it easy for users to follow mandated workflows and procedures.
Finally, we have created an iFilter for .mmap documents.  This filter allows you to search SharePoint to find data residing inside of map files and include those search results in the listing of documents for a standard SharePoint search.

(As mentioned in January), we are committed to the continual enhancement of Connect SP’s SharePoint functionality, and sincerely hope you enjoy these new perks. If you are an existing Mindjet Connect SP customer, please go and download Connect SP 3.0.  If your organization needs to maximize your productivity with Microsoft SharePoint, then request a demo today!

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