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State of Workplace Collaboration

According to IBM’s new CEO survey, 63% of CEOs believe that a “collaborative environment” is needed to help draw the most out of their employees. Yet according to a recent survey (reported in TechZone) 9 out 10 managers and executives aren’t collaborating effectively in this “on the go” world.

At Mindjet our goal is to build products so collaboration can be the cornerstone of your work process – whether you are in the office or on the road, working with people down the hall or across the world.

To help us build products that better suit your needs we need your feedback. We want to learn how and why you collaborate and how your share in the workplace. We’ll take this knowledge and translate into product features and enhancements that work for you.

Please, take a few minutes to complete this quick survey. It takes only five minutes and helps us determine how we can help you work with others to get more done and be more successful. And who can ever get enough success?

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