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Mindjet User Spotlight: Epi Torres

Name: Epi Torres
Title/Company: CEO, Useful Tablet Apps; Author; App Designer
Started using Mindjet: August 2001

How did you hear about Mindjet? I discovered Mindjet many years ago. In fact, I created my first map on August 2, 2001. I have created 1,362 maps, for both personal and business use since then.

What do you primarily use it for? I use maps to think, plan, organize, and research, to develop ideas, to learn — for everything! You name it, I have a map for that. It truly is an essential tool for me. I love the cloud-based capabilities which allow me to truly collaborate with others with ease. The desktop/cloud/mobile integration is pretty cool also. I can start a map and keep working on it anytime/anywhere from any of my devices connected to the web. It’s Powerful! Here are some of the key things mapping with Mindjet has enabled me to accomplish:

  • Build and run Remote DBA Experts into the top remote database management services company
  • Research, write, and publish “The Fitness Protocols” weight loss book, website and blog
  • Design and develop the FitnessPlanner iPad app (plus a few others in the pipeline)
  • Organize and plan content for several websites such as

What is your favorite feature and why? One of Mindjet’s most powerful capabilities is its seamless integration with Microsoft Office. It work seamlessly with most MS applications. It is so useful that I have basically turned it into my “desktop”. It is the first application I open everyday. I use a master map I call “My Actualizer” to keep me on top of my day, if there is such a thing.

Is there anything Mindjet helps with that was unexpected? The bottom line is that Mindjet makes me more efficient and effective. I have used it to manage my life, develop and run my businesses, write blogs, books, develop websites and tablet applications. I can get a lot more done, much better, and in less time. Although, I must confess that I can sometime get carried away with it. But it even has a timer I sometimes use to make sure I don’t get too deep into the weeds. I LOVE it!

Thank you Mindjet team (and investors)!!!

Established in 2010, Useful Tablet Apps is a Pennsylvania-based company that specializes in the design, development and marketing of utility mobile applications for individuals and business.

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