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Mindjet User Spotlight: Thanh Pham

Name: Thanh Pham
Title/Company: Co-founder, Asian Efficiency
Started using Mindjet: 2009Social Media Links: Twitter

How did you hear about Mindjet? Even though I have been a mind mapper for years using pen and paper, it wasn’t until my friend Aaron Lynn (with who I started Asian Efficiency with) told me about Mindjet. Ever since then I’ve been using Mindjet for all my mind maps and it’s one of my power tools on my computer.

What do you primarily use it for? Mindjet has many uses for me but I use it primarily to brainstorm, prepare content and to summarize books I have read. Recently I’ve also been using it for planning big projects. For example, after a couple years of traveling the world I’m moving back to Los Angeles and I’ve used MindManager to help me plan my move.

What is your favorite feature and why? The cleanliness of the program is my favorite “feature” – if you can even call it a feature. A lot of mind mapping software allow you to get really creative and colorful but what I like about Mindjet is the clean look of it. It allows me to create mind maps very quickly but more importantly it makes reading mind maps easy. Please don’t ever change this!

Is there anything Mindjet helps with that was unexpected? The export feature has been really helpful for me. By pure accident I discovered you can export mind maps in OPML format that comes in handy for writing content. If all your branches represent a section of an article, exporting it in OPML allows you to have a pre-defined structure for your writing. I can’t say enough how this has streamlined my writing.

Tell me about the map you’ve attached here. It’s for my move to Los Angeles. This was made in less than 10 minutes as a first iteration. As you can see I like to use icons to quickly navigate around and they help me have an overview of what needs to be done.

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Born in the Netherlands and now making a life in L.A., Thanh dedicates most of his time to writing about personal productivity or time management. You can check out his articles here

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