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There is an “I” in TEAM

For all those techies out there, it’s a very interesting time: the Blaine Matthieu, is one of those conference hopefuls.

There is an “I” in TEAM

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the old expression “there’s no I in T-E-A-M.” Blaine believes that the idea of forgoing the wants and desires of the individual for the good of the team is… well a big old lie. He believes that there’s a shift coming. One that is driven by the “I’s” who want to work in their own terms and use their own devices. It’s this new generation of individuals who have empowered themselves through mobile, social, and other technologies that has shifted this idea where it now makes sense to have individuals instead of teams. Blaine will explore the emergence of what he calls the “I” team, its impact on team structure and group collaboration, and the strategic tools that best support them.

If you find the emergence of the “I” team interesting, then we urge you to vote for Blaine so that he can further elaborate on this at next year’s South by Southwest.

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